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Hello there.

I’m Elya.



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"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Hopefully this statement by Albert Einstein in big, bold type will help position us as a trendy design studio.
That’s how all these portfolio websites work right?

Were a decentralised collective of independent creators

from designers, developers ,copywriters & motion designeres we can back your creative needs with the perfect team.

What We Do

Experience Design

We've worked on more than 75 digital products and 30 offline experiences.
Conceptualising a new product or improving an existing one is something we excel at.

Creative Consultancy

Our creative solutions cover all aspects of the product, from viral features, gamification logic
to business models & marketing strategy. Creativity is what we do.

Product Strategy

We help you create more compelling products, develop a product strategy that guides your design efforts, and design and develop products that drive greater adoption.

Brand Design & Storytelling

Helping companies visualise and synthesise who they are, and how that translates into a compelling brand and story.s

Product therapy

Supporting teams by understanding the product's difficulties and guiding them in times of transition and big decisions. We help clear the product clutter and sharpen the value it brings to the world.

Not so Recent work


Village is a new hotel brand we had the pleasure to strategise and create.
from brands voice and persona to visual identity, brand-book & website. creating a digital asset for a physical space & experience is something we really love doing.
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As an Israeli startup that is leading innovation in the energy efficiency sector, Evolution-Energy.AI needed a sophisticated yet simple website to showcase their technology and benefits to the world.
All design and development process
was handled by us.
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Creating a platform for Zell, the leading entrepreneurship program in Israel, was an amazing and challenging project. The platform offers alumni and current students a way to connect, engage, and share resources in the members portal, While showcasing the insane achievements the program has made.
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Zible aims to serve as a "guidebook" for entrepreneurs. It is based on a real book written by Liat Aharonson. In order to provide users across the world with access to the digital version of the book, we had to create a digital scalable online repository with different types of content. It was an amazing challenge to translate the book's unique design into a digital experience.
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Being part of Selina's growth was a great learning experience.Initially, I was responsible for creating the entire web concept, design & development from scratch. And I'm happy to see that my work still lives on the current website Scroll down to see what else I've done for them
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Elya Weingrod


built a lot of things with them.

Past Life

(hello, world)
Born in Jerusalem, Israel
Finished arts high school
my first startup idea
Freebee came to life
my first startup failed
Left Moburst and went traveling
Left Israel
Digital Nomading
in Latin America
Moved to Mexico City
Artes.House paused
Moved to Lisbon
Working with several startups while working on my own


Product Manager
Joined the company as its first employee. Grew into creating detailed product plans and designs for future mobile apps that serve millions.


Usability Design Expert
Led multiple UX projects from a product & creative perspective while working with international clients and remote teams.


Web Product Owner
2017 - 2018
Built their website from scratch and managed the entire team of design and development.
Head of Global Marketing PO
Moved positions to lead their marketing efforts on the growth side of the company. At the end, I managed a team of over 35 people spread across 11 countries.


Founder & CEO
Brought to life a after many years of dreaming creating a new way to experience art. Created a award winning artist collective & successfully raised pre-seed funding from investors. Unfortunately the company launched at Feb 2020 (see the launch here) unfortunately I was stuck in israel off guard when covid hit and we paused all operations of the company.


Founder & CEO
Created during covid to help global business better understand who they are, and how that translates into their product and brand. Worked on several industries including  blockchain, mobile gaming, AR, banking and more.